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A Math Activity on Place Value for grades 1 and 2




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Jennifer Adams

Laura Drew

Amy Geurkink

Topic: Place Value

Grade Level: 1st – 2nd

Name of Activity: Race to 100

Materials Needed: Dice

Base 10 Blocks

Great Activity


This is a partner activity, so first, place each person with a partner.

Have each partner roll the dice and the one who rolls the highest, goes first.

The players will take turns rolling the dice, adding each roll onto their previous amount using base ten blocks, and racing to reach 100.

For example: Player 1 will roll the dice. Let’s say he/she rolls a 5, they will then take 5 singles, showing what their score is. The next player does the same. Now it is player one’s turn again and let’s say they roll a 6. (The goal is for them to mentally recognize that they now put back their 5 singles and trade for one tens stick and one single. This shows they understand addition place value. If they take 6 more singles, count, and then realize it is enough to trade for a tens stick that is fine fine too, but they still do not fully understand the concept). They continue adding and trading until they have enough tens to trade for a 100 block. The first one to do this wins.


This game could be played “Race to A Dollar”, using pennies, dimes, and dollars.

The game could be played to 1000.

The students could use a spinner with numbers 1 – 9, instead of dice.

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