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Another Math lesson on Place Value




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Jennifer Faherty

Erin Nugent

Name of Activity: Place Value Power

Topic: Place values and general calculator use

Grade Level: 3rd to 4th grade

Materials Needed: * 1 transparency Master A1: “Place Value Power’

* 1 transparency calculator

* 1 worksheet (Master A1: “Place Value Power”) per student

* 1 calculator per student

Description of Activity: Divide the students into groups of four or five. Put up the transparency entitled “Place Value Power” and briefly review place values with the entire class. Read each question on the transparency and ask the students what should be keyed into the calculator. After each response is given, ask the student to explain his reasoning for selecting that particular number by asking questions such as “How did you know 1, 842 would be used in number 1 ?” Enter the correct numbers at the appropriate times on the transparency calculator for the class to see. Go through the entire transparency, and check your work at the end by turning the calculator display upside down to see if the word that appears answers the riddle.

Pass out 1 worksheet and 1 calculator to each student. Read the directions aloud and have the class do the first one together. Again, demonstrate the task by modeling it on the transparency calculator. Working in their groups, have the students complete their worksheets together. Walk around the room while they are doing the worksheet and occasionally stop and ask a student to explain his reasoning (similar to the whole class activity with the transparency). After they have been working for awhile, remind them to use the riddle at the bottom of the page to check their work when they finish the worksheet. If time allows, students may have free time with the calculators upon completion of the assignment.

Source: Calculator Corkers Set A, Transparency and Worksheet Master A1, The Calculator Workshop, 1985.

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