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In this lesson, students will learn place value by playing poker




3, 4, 5  

Title – Place Value Poker
By – Amy McVey
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 3-5

I really enjoy using games as a focus as part of my curriculum. This game works really great as a review of place value and how to read numbers.

Divide students into groups of three. Distribute a deck of cards to each of the groups. (Note: Casinos will donate their used cards to classrooms if you ask) Have each group of the students remove the Jokers, Kings, Queens, and tens. The students will need to shuffle their cards and then place the pile of cards face down in the center of their group. The students will then take turns drawing 3-4 cards at a time. The number of cards you want them to draw, depends on how large you want the numbers to be. The students will arrange the cards they have in their hand so that they can create the largest number possible, hoping to beat their other players. The Ace stands for 1 and the Jack stands for 0. A student will then say call and all of the students will lay their cards face up in front of them. They will then take turns correctly reading their number they have created. Who ever has the highest number wins a point. The game then continues to the next round. A variation can also be played by seeing who can get the smallest number as well. My students really enjoy this game and it is a great review of the importance of the placement of numbers.

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