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Here’s a fun idea called “Pocket Counting” that uses Unifix cubes and teaches counting and graphing concepts





Title – Pocket Counting Game
By – Dawn Bonham
Subject – Math
Grade Level – Kindergarten
If your class is arranged like most KN classrooms, your children sit in groups at tables. Ask the children if they are wearing pockets today. For every pocket the child has, she/he gets to put a unifix cube in it. After every child has one unifix cube in each pocket, guess which table will have the most unifix cubes altogether. Then, make a bar graph on a chart and categorize by tables (yellow table, red table, blue table). Ask each table of children to put the unifix cubes together and count them. Compare each table with the others. Graph the amounts on a bar graph. Discuss who had the most. Continue this activity each day for one week, and total up each tables cubes for the week.

unifix cubes
chart paper

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