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Prime Numbers




3, 4  

Title – Prime Numbers
by – Yasmen Ali
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3rd or 4th

Objective:  The objective of this lesson is to give students more
practice in factors and multiples. Students will also be introduced
to prime and composite numbers. After the lesson and using Number Munches
students will have practiced recognizing and identifying prime numbers.

Prerequisite Knowledge: students should know their multiplication facts
up to five. They should know what a factor is and should know what the
factors are for numbers up to 25.

Instructions to the teacher:  In class, you will review the
multiplication facts and what a factor is.  The students should know
that some numbers have more factors than others.  You will then
introduce prime and composite numbers to them.  You can give them
numbers like 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, and have them write their factors down. 
Ask them if they notice anything similar about their factors. You
will then thoroughly explain the concept of prime numbers.  Preview
the software before having the students play the game; in case they have
any questions you will be able to answer them without having to refer to
the handbook or taking time away from them. Have them play the Number
Munchers game. They can begin with the primes. When you teach
them about multiples, they can play the multiples section also.  There
are options on the game that you can alter. You can change the level
of the game from 3rd grade easy to 3rd grade advanced. Obviously,
you are going to start with the easy and later on can work up to advanced.

Hardware and software requirements:  This version of Number Munchers
requires an IBM or Tandy computer that runs with DOS 2.1 or later and has
at least 512K of memory.

Instructions to the students: Go to the computer and play “NUMBER MUNCHERS”. 
Play the primes.  Once you lose, record your name on the winner’s
list.  Play two games and then do the worksheet.

Student handouts:  A handout similar to the Number Munchers game
will be given out.  Students will have to circle all the prime numbers.

Time limit: 45 minutes to an hour

An internet sit that ties in with the assignment:

Assignment mechanism:  A test will be administered to see if the
students understand the concept.  The students’ scores on Number Munchers
can also assess how well the students understand the concept.  One
drawback of this is that sometimes students accidentally press the space
bar and eat the wrong number up on accident.

Reference:  None

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