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These are three fun culminating activities for a probability unit




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Title – Probability Investigations
By – Heidi Emery
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 5-6
Type of Lesson – Culminating lesson on Probability

Standards – Recognize relationship among simple fractions, ratios and decimals when using probability. Describe and compare quantities by using concrete and real world models of fractions, ratios and decimals by showing equivalence. Display data, predict results, analyze data to find why results are more likely, less likely or equally likely.

Materials – M&M;’s, paper balls for basketballs, computerm group recording sheets, coin, paper bag

Motivation – Ask students: How many students have ever watched a football game? How do they decide what team gets the ball first? (toss a coin) What are the chances that the coin will land on heads? on tails?

Procedure –
1) Students are randomly placed in groups of four
2) Each group will receive a folder with the activity worksheets and materials
3) Directions will be given for each activity: M&M; Investigation, Basketball Investigation, and Sales/Discount Investigation
4) Explain that all students will not be working on the same activity at one time. This lesson will take three days (40-50 minutes each day)
5) Students will read directions and work cooperatively to complete the activities.

Activity 1 – M&M; Investigation
Students will count and record colors of M&M;’s by writing the fraction, ratio and decimal of each color. Based on this information they will make predictions about picking certain colors out of a bag. They will choose an M&M; 20 times, tallying and recording each time. After they have finished, they will count up and record their picks in fraction, ratio, and decimal form. Analyze the data comparing their predictions and discuss with the group.

Activity 2 – Basketball Investigation
Each person in the group will pick out a number from the cup and keep it. The number that you pick is the number of shots you may take into the garbage pail. The person who chooses the number six will be first. You must be behind the line when taking all shots and the paper ball must stay in the garbage pail to count. Fill in the “number of baskets made” column as you go along and do all the calculations when your whole team is finished shooting. All fractional answers must be reduced and proper. All decimals must be rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Activity 3 – Sales and Discount Investigation (Percents)
Each person will find the discount and sale price of one item. When this is completed, switch work with someone in your group to check if all of the math is correct.

The Items:
Basketball: Original price – $24.99 offering 15% off the original price

Bicycle: Original price – $178.50 offering 20% off the original price

i-Pod: O riginal price – $249.89 offering 50% off the original price

Television: Original price – $488.00 offering 35% off the original price

Closure – Groups will be randomly selected to present one investigation to the class and will be assessed according to a rubric.

Extended Activity: Students will continue to work on probability problems by solving challenging word problems and analyzing results.

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