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Math Scramble




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Title – Math Scramble
By – Doug Henderson
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 4-5
Title: Math Scramble

Objective: Students will use math skills and teamwork to solve math problems.

Benefits: Good math skill building game for the “proficiency test”, working on teamwork. Kids actually get a good workout!

Equipment: Index cards with a number 0-9 on each, and several plus, minus, division, multiplication signs.

Game: Each student gets a card with a number on it. On command, teacher calls out a sum of a math problem. Students find others to figure with their number in that math problem. Plus, minus, division and multiplication signs are in front of the room, and students can get the ones they need to answer the problem. Students arrange themselves in order to form the correct problem. Teacher chooses the problem that was the most difficult to arrange, or the one that uses the most students. After a few rounds, students can exchange their numbers. Add other variations to change the game.

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