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Here is another math problem solving lesson for “first”




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Great Activity
Lydia Burch and Casey Pletz
Problem Solving
Grade level: First to Third

Materials: pattern blocks, paper, and a calculator

Objective: Students will use problem solving strategies such as guess and check and visualization to play the game. They will also use mental mathematics to decide on the placement of the pattern blocks and look for patterns.

*two players needed

*each receives three of the following

1. Green triangle

2. Blue rhombus

3. Red trapezoid

4. Yellow hexagon

Process: Together, the players decide on a point value for each type of piece (green=1, blue=2, red=3, yellow=6). The game begins with one yellow hexagon on the playing surface that does not belong to either player. The first player must place one of her/his blocks so that one side of the block is completely touching on one side of the block(s) on the playing surface. The scoring for each play is the sum of the values of the block placed and those that it touches on a side. Play continues until both players have used all of their pieces. The player with the most total points after all of the pieces are used, is the winner.

Source: Beal, K. (1996). I am the greatest.

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