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The Pumpkin Numbers Game




K, 1  

The Pumpkin Numbers Game

By Mollie Tucker
Subject – Math
Grade Level – K-1
Unit: Fall/Halloween


Students will be able to:

  • Play the pumpkin numbers game
  • Keep score during the game

Materials Needed


  1. Read Rattlebone Rock and The Teeny Tiny Ghost aloud and discuss the books with the children.
  2. Have children go back to their desks.
  3. Pair the children.
  4. Give each pair of children a cup with five candies in it.
  5. Have children shake cup and dump candy onto their desk. For every candy that lands face up, they get one point.
  6. Have children keep score on their sheet. The child with the most points wins.

Ways to Simplify

Give each pair of children 30 candies and have them play with five at a time.
The children play game without keeping score; instead of earning points, the children keep all the candies that land face up (Have extra candy for the other children that may not have gotten any or very little candy).

Ways to Extend

Increase the number of candies; the children will only put five in the cup at a time. Have children roll dice and get the number of candies on the dice. Then have the children make a graph comparing each other’s candies after all the candies are gone form their pile.


Check for children’s understanding of the game.
Walk around and observe the children’s score keeping. What methods are they using? Are they writing numbers or making tally marks?

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