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This lesson reviews and reinforces 2 Number Addition





Title – Fun way to review and reinforce addition of two numbers
By – Erica Adkins
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 2nd
1 roll of masking tape or painters tape
4 sheets large poster board
magic marker
2 bean bags
pencil and paper for each student

This lesson plan is designed to review and reinforce addition of two numbers. Students will gain practice in addition and should be able to tell the sum of any two single digit numbers (0-5) by the use of repetition.

Prior to class-
1. The teacher will make up two game boards using the poster board and masking tape. Each game board should be made by taping two pieces of poster board together. The game boards should then be sectioned into 9 equal squares (like a bingo game board) using the masking tape. In the squares the teacher will draw the numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2)on each board using the magic marker.
2. The game boards should be taped or pinned to the floor in the classroom before the students come in. Position the game boards so that all students can see them and so that the numbers are facing them so they are right side up.

1. Explain to students they will be playing a game today. When they hear the word game, this will get their attention.
2. As your explaining the rules (no shouting out answers, first person to raise hand gets to answer question, or what rules teacher has for game) tape a starting line about 5 feet from one of the game boards.
3. The teacher should stand on the other side of the game boards since she will be controlling one of the bean bags.
4. The game begins by informing the students you will give them an addition problem and the first person to raise their hand with the correct answer will get to throw the bean bag first.
5. After giving the problem and selecting student to throw bean bag first students know that they will be trying to add the number on the square in which the student’s bean bag lands to the number in the square in which the teacher’s bean bag lands. Teacher will be responsible for calling on students to answer. The correct answer gains that student the privilege of throwing the bean bag. (The teacher has some control over what numbers are being added because he/she may choose the second number in the problem.)
6. This game can also be played by dividing the students into two teams and have a scorekeeper. Students are competitive and teams may result in better participation.

Give students two minute warning. At the end of the game question students with addition problems. Ask students to write down the problems you give them, solve them and turn them in.

Checking the students turned in work will allow for assessment of the lesson.

Adaptations for special students-
Students with special needs may need adaptations. The teacher may place the bean bag on a smaller number or those with learning disabilities and on a larger number for gifted students.

For an integration with art teacher may ask students to create their own game and game boards to help them learn addition.

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