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This is an idea for rounding “bossy” numbers





Title – Rounding “Bossy Numbers”
By – April McElroy
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3


    To help students with rounding.


      First, I ask them what a boss does. We discuss that sometimes bosses give their employees promotions.
      I then tell them that “5,6,7,8, and 9” are bossy numbers and are the ONLY numbers that can give promotions.
      We then start with rounding to the nearest ten. I teach them to always underline the place to which they are rounding and circle the number to the right.
      They ask themselves, “Is the number circled a “bossy number?” If yes, then I draw an arrow to the number in the tens place and “he gets a promotion.” We increase the digit by one and all other numbers following the bossy number become zero.
      We then practice with rounding to the nearest hundred and thousand. Underlining the digit really helps, especially when rounding a number in the thousands to the nearest ten or hundred.
    They love it and I have them teach their parents for part of their homework.

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