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Here is a math lesson involving rounding at the grocery store





Dana Prussman, Casey Pletz

Topic: Rounding

Grade Level: 2nd Grade

“Rounding at the Grocery Store”

Objective: Students will explore the use of rounding to the nearest 100th place, by rounding to the nearest dollar amount when using the grocery store items and given a set amount of money.


– Several grocery store items that are labeled with a dollar amount

– Fake money

The Lesson:

A. Anticipatory Set: Discuss with students what rounding is, and when they would use it. Get the students thinking about rounding by having them give examples of when they think they could use it in their day to day life.

B. Conceptual Development:

– Hold up several different price tags and have students explain how they would round to a particular price and why.

– Discuss when they would round up to the nearest dollar, and when they would round down to the nearest dollar amount using example price tags.

C. Practice/Activity:

A table of grocery store items will be displayed. Each item will be priced. The students will be divided into small groups; each group will be given a specific dollar amount with which they will purchase the items. Each group of student will work together using rounding to ensure that they have enough money to cover the cost of their selected items.

D. Assessment:

Students will be assessed informally as they explain to the rest of the class what rounding methods they used in order to stay within the set dollar amount.

E. Closure:

After each group explains their rounding method, discuss the differences in the techniques that each group used.

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