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This lesson makes rounding simple




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Title – Rounding Made Simple
By – Laurie Johns
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 2-4

Place Value Review:

      When I teach rounding, I introduce it by giving kids larger sized graph paper. I also have an overhead made of the same graph paper. On that paper, I write a number going to thousands.
      Above each digit in each block, I write an O for ones, T for tens, H for hundreds, TH for thousands.
      We take a moment to review place value – finding the number – what spot is it in – then reverse – what number is in the hundreds spot? Etc.
      From there we go on and I will have them write the same number in 4 different spots, each time writing the “cues” above them.

Rounding Lesson

      Then I tell them we will be rounding numbers.
      I explain that in order to do this, we need to follow certain steps.
      1. Find place value rounding to and underline that number


      2. Circle the number behind it.


      3. Ask yourself is the circled one 5 or bigger.


      4. If yes, the underlined number goes up by 1.


      5. If no, the underlined number stays the same.


      6. Then from the circled spot on, all become 0’s.
      This is rounding.
    Have kids do more with you rounding to different place values. Once they get used to it and seem to understand, let them do a few alone. Gradually fade out the use of the graph paper.

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