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Here’s a lesson plan on rounding to hundreds






Title – Rounding to Hundreds
By – Angela Moore
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 3rd
Rounding to Hundreds
Students will be able to:
1) Round numbers to nearest hundred
1) Math book
2) Math workbook
3) 100-900 signs (hundreds only)
4) Numbers
song from by Kim Cheeks

Make a number line on the overhead and have students count by 100s, while writing the numbers on the overhead.
Activity (Procedure):
Put song up with number line.(copy found at end of lesson) Sing the march to students have them sing with you after you model it.
Then have students practice together rounding numbers 256, 874,521,419.
Then explain rules of the game “Rounding” the Room. (copy found at end of lesson).
Place numbers (hundreds) on the desks before you have them get started.

Rounding numbers is so fun,
We will do it ’till we’re done.

If a number’s 0-4,
Round it down to the hundred before.

If a number’s 5-9,
Round it up the number line.

Round up,
Round down,


(1-2, 3-4!)
The teacher will place numbers on the floor(room) face down in a pile. The students will select a number and then round it to the nearest hundred. They will then move to the desk with that hundred on it. For example if I drew the number 567 I would move to the table or desk with 600 on it and then sit down. You can make this competitive but I didn’t and the students still enjoyed it and had plenty of practice rounding.

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