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This one is on Graphs and involves taking a Sandwich Survey




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Title – Sandwich Graph
By – Jamie Rettke
Subject – Math, Language Arts
Grade Level – 2-3

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Topic : Mathematics/ Reading

State Standards :

Objective : When asked, the students will be able to.

1.       Survey classmates to gather information to be graphed

2.       Construct a “sandwich” graph using surveyed information

3.       Label areas of the graph using percents

Materials :

·         sheet of white paper

·         writing materials

·         coloring materials (optional)

Procedures :

1.       This graph was designed to be using after reading the story “From the Diary of Leigh Botts”.  With the teacher, the students will survey the class to determine their favorite types of sandwiches.  Information should be posted on the board for all to view.

2.       Pass out a sheet of paper to each student.  Model an example of a circle graph on the board using fictional information.  Review how to convert a whole number into a percentage.

3.       To aid students in forming their graph, they should try to think of the circle as a clock.  This will allow them to divide the circle with more ease.

4.       Have the students create their own graph using the information gathered during the class survey.  Remind them to label their graphs completely, including names of each sandwich and percentages.  The graph should also include a title.


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