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A fun idea for an online lesson on Leap Year


Computers & Internet, Math, Science  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Leap Year Day
by – Lorah A. Perry
Subject – Math, Science, Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 5-8

Today is a special and unusual day that happens only once every 4 years. 

1) When did the practice of adding a day to the calendar begin?

2) Because everyone in the world had different time measuring tools, there were problems. What were the 4 problems listed?

3) To temporarily solve this how many days were added to the Julian Calendar in 46 BC?

4) What did the astronomer Sosigenes calculate the length of a year to be?

5) What did Sosigenes use to find these calculations?

6) What was his solution?

7) Why was the day added to February?

8) This was not a permanent solution. Christopher Clavius recalculated the data. What did he do with his results and a solution?

9) Who was the Pope and what did he do?

10) What was Clavius’ solution?

11) What do we call the year 2000?

12) How long do we estimate a year to be? a day?

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