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Here we measure in inches after readingInchworm and a Half




K, 1  

Title – Measuring in Inches
By – Deborah Aiken
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Science, Language Arts
Grade Level – K-1
Time – 45 minutes

Concept/Topic To Teach:

    Using a ruler to measure in inches.

General Goals:

    To learn to measure objects in inches.


  • Students will become aware of different units of measure in the standard system.
  • Students will learn how to measure objects to the nearest inch using a ruler.
  • Students will learn how to line up objects to be measured with the leading edge of the ruler.

Required Materials:

  • Book – Inchworm and A Half , by Elinor J. Pinczes. Scholastic, Inc. 2001.
  • A ruler for each student in the group
  • A variety of classroom objects that can be measured in inches
  • Blank paper
  • Small dry-erase boards, markers, and erasers


    Talk with students about ways we can measure things. Ask students about how an inchworm got his name. Tell students that they are going to listen to a book about a worm and measuring.


      1. Read

Inchworm and A Half

      to students. Talk about units of measure mentioned in the book – inches, half-inch, one-third, one fourth. Tell students that an inchworm is about one inch long. Ask if students can find something else in the room that is one inch long?

      2. Show students a ruler. Talk about how it is marked and what the numbers mean. Tell students that today they will practice measuring to the nearest inch. Demonstrate using a variety of classroom objects. If your rulers have a leading edge, talk with students and demonstrate how to line up what they are measuring with the 0 or first line. Talk about how important it is to line up your ruler before you measure in order to be accurate.

      3. Divide students into pairs. Tell them that they will practice measuring five different objects in the classroom to the nearest inch. Demonstrate how to decide on the nearest inch. Let pairs of students make a chart of what is measured and how long.

      4. Pairs measure five objects, record, and report back to the teacher.

      5. Have each pair share what they measured and how long items were. Discuss measurements for the same objects – where they the same, close, etc.

      6. Show students how a ruler can be used to measure lines. Draw lines on a large board and have a student measure with a ruler to the nearest inch.

      7. Divide students into different pairs. Have one student draw a line on a small dry erase board and the partner measure to the nearest inch. Practice for about 10 minutes.

      8. Students return to large group. Students can measure lines on a worksheet for independent practice.

    9. Review book and units of measure mentioned. Review inch and some things measured today.

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