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Making a Birthday Bar Graph is an engaging beginning-of-the-year math idea


Math, Science  



Title – Birthday Bar Graph
By – LeAnn Barnes
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Science
Grade Level – Any


      * at least 5 strips of paper cut 1 inch wide by 8 inches long in 12 different colors excluding black or very dark colors

      * a large sheet of black butcher paper at least 96 inches long

On a table at the front of the classroom, organize 12 stacks of different colored strips of paper each color representing one of the 12 months. When instructed to do so, the students will take one strip of paper in the color that represents the month in which they were born. They are to write their name and at the far right end of the strip, they are to write the date of the month on which they were born (ex. Mary S. 16). When everyone in the class has completed their strip of paper, have the students whose birthdays are in January arrange the dates in chronological order and attach the strips in a column with the highest number at the bottom and working their way up to the lowest. Do the same with each month. Be sure to put a label above each bar, give it a title, and hang it up in the classroom or the hallway. This is a great visual aid and reminder for everyone to remember everyone on their special day! This can also be used to include a whole grade level or team. The children love it!

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