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Teaching Temperature is the title of this lesson involving Fahrenheit Vs Celsius


Math, Science  


3, 4  

Title – Teaching Temperature
By – Ally Myers
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Science
Grade Level – 3-4
“The Little t”
In order to help with the memorization of Fahrenheit and Celsius freezing/boiling points I created what I call the “little t”. First, the students fold their papers in half 3 times so they end up with 8 boxes on each side. Have them copy your t you draw on the board in eight boxes:

   Fahrenheit      /      Celsius
  Freezing        32        /        0
  Boiling        212        /        100

I have my students fill in the other side with the “little t” for homework.

“Temperature Relay Race”
Objective: Match the appropriate clothing for temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

To get ready: Write 8-15 different temperatures on index cards using Fahrenheit and Celsius. Use the index cards to make to sets of simple drawings of the following clothing for four different categories:
-sneakers, boots, sandals
-shirts- short and long sleeved
-pants, shorts
-heavy jacket with mittens and hat, light jacket, bathing suits (I drew a boy’s suit & girl’s suit on one card)

To play: Split the group/class into two teams. Have each set of the clothing laid out in the front of the room for the two teams. Explain the objective to the children and go over the 4 different categories of clothing. Tell them that they have to pick one piece of clothing that best fits the temperature they’re given from each category before the other team member in order to win a point for their team. The signal for the two students racing is when you hold out a temperature. I let the students make a tally for their team on the board when they get a point for their team.

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