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This Math and Science lesson plan involves creating Favorite Flower Graphs


Math, Science  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Spring Time Flowers

By – Paul Stewart

Primary Subject – Math

Secondary Subjects – Science

Grade Level – 2-5

Math Lesson:

    What is your favorite Springtime Flower?


    20 minutes


  • Post-it notes for students (50)
  • Large graph for teacher to record students’ choices, or laminated pictures.
  • Favorite Flower Graph Worksheet (25) (below)·


  • SW choose their favorite Flowers.
  • SW learn how to graph their responses.


  • SW use their decision-making skills to choose their favorite flowers.
  • SW graph the results of their flower for the entire class.
  • SW come to conclusions about the favorite flowers in the classroom.

Anticipatory Set: (2 minutes)

  • TW activate students’ prior knowledge of flowers and graphs with questions.

Procedure: (14 minutes)

  • TW introduce each flower.
  • SW decide which flowers they like the best.
  • SW put a Post-it note on their favorite flowers, or mark a dry-erase board.
  • SW answer questions on worksheet together as a class.

Closure: (3-4 minutes)

  • TW ask questions for feedback and comprehension

      1. How did you make your decision about which flowers you liked the best?

      2. TW ask question about the results of data.

Independent Practice: (20 minutes)

  • SW color and read about the flowers on their own.



Our Flower Results:

    1. How many of us liked the TULIP? _________.

    2. How many students in our class liked the DAFFODIL? ________.

    3. How many students liked IRIS as their favorite flower? ________.

    4. In this classroom our favorite flower is? __________.


Paul Stewart


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