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This lesson is on sets





   Subject: Math
Title: sets
by Sandra Blanchard

Objective: TLW read, write, and identify the numerals 7 and 8. Also, to identify correct sets with objects of 7 and 8.

    individual counters

Procedure: Direct students to the blackboard and point to the word ‘seven’ and have them repeat it together. Then have the students count the number in the set together. Do the same with the number 8 (Teacher will draw and label the sets on the board before the lesson begins). Ask the students to do the appropriate pages in the book that relates to the lesson (They may use their individual counters if necessary).

Closure: Whole class activity-students take turns at the board drawing sets of 7 and 8 (teacher will decide in advance what number set and type of object to be drawn)

Evaluation: Whole class checks work/text book pages completed as a group. Individual students go to the blackboard and draw and label the correct set of 7 or 8.

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