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Here’s an idea for setting up a class shopping center to reinforce math concepts




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Title – Grocery Shopping
By – Debbie Haren
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 2-3
Have students divided in the class. The groups should be grocery list maker, cashier, Shopper receipt maker and grocery bag packer. Bring in different packages of food and beauty products from your home for the students to “buy.” Have students who are the shopper be given a specific amount of money in order to buy groceries with. Have students take their grocery list and small shopping cart and pick out their groceries. Have small cash registers and students at the registers ready to ring up their items and figure out the total of all their groceries. To make it a little more difficult you can add store advertisements and coupons for the cash register person to take off. Then the students are responsible for making change after the sale and packing up the groceries.

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