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This is a simple Symmetry activity idea





Title – Symmetry Project
By – M. Price
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – 5
This is a very simple project. First, give each student a sheet of white paper. Tell them to fold the paper the long ways. Next, have each student write his/her names in cursive on the folded paper and have the bottom of the letters touching the crease(for more character tell students to make their letters very loopy). Give each child a black permanent marker and have them trace over their name. Then, flip the paper over and have them use the marker again to trace the letters from the opposite side. When this is done have them open the paper. The figure should be symmetrical. Have them draw in symmetrical patterns, shapes and figures. Next ask them to color the their figure (you may wish to say not to use solid colors). When done grade them and hang them up. Don’t forget to praise each and every one of them!!

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