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Here’s a song for learning beginning addition facts






Title – Sing Along Addition
By – Jason Puckett
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – K

This song is an easy way to remember your addition facts with numbers 1-5.

I am one and you are one.
Me plus you, that equals two.
We are two.
Me and you.

Add in one and we are three.
Now we are three.
Yes, you and you and me.

Add one more and we’ll be four.
Now we’re four.
Yes, that’s four.

Add one more and we’ve got five.
Now we are five.
Yes, that’s five.

Times two makes us 10 that’s true.
But this is a song for addition not multiplication.
Addition is my favorite station.

And then you repeat over and over until it becomes part of the child’s memory forever. It is a great song to sing while playing at recess. Many children at my school love it. Enjoy. It has been a pleasure sharing my little secret with you all.

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