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Here toy cars and trucks are sorted and counted





Title – What’s This?
By – Stacy Morales
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1


    6.A. Describe and identify objects in order to sort them according to a given attribute using informal language.

Learning Objectives:

      The student will be able to:

      1. Correctly sort and group means of transportation in different ways when asked to.

      2. Count objects in each group and identify which group has the greatest number of items in the group.

    3. Identify different types of ways to sort by the end of class.

Needed Materials:

      1. Cars (means of transportation)

      2. Pencils

      3. Worksheets

    4. Buckets

Pre-Activity Preparation:

      Buy needed cars and buckets

    Make Worksheets and copies


    The students will remain in their seats with their table groups.

Establishing Set/Motivation/Introduction

    Have cars (transportation objects) on a table as they come in.

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure:

      1. “Class today we are going to be sorting.”

      2. “Who can tell me what are some ways in which we can sort?”

      3. Have a couple of students answer.

      4. Say “Good… [what the children said]”

      5. “For example I have these transportation objects here and I want to sort them by color. If I do that then which group of colors would there be the most of?”

      6. “I’m going to pass out a bucket to each group. The buckets have different ways of transportation and many different colors. I am also going to pass out a worksheet and you are going to use the worksheet to sort out the objects. The worksheet tells you which way you need to sort the objects and then you must write down your observations in the space provided.”

      7. “But don’t forget to record your answers.”

      8. “While you are doing this I want you to use your quiet voices.”

      9. Pass out Buckets and worksheets.

      10. Let the student work in their groups while you observe and answer any questions the children may have.

      11. Put things back in bucket

      12. Go over some of their answers.

    13. Pick up worksheets and buckets.


      1. What’s one way in which you can sort the objects?

      2. What’s another way in which we can sort objects?

    3. Can we sort any type of objects?

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