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Squishy Ball Numeration incorporates counting, number identification and number writing




K, 1  


Title – Squishy Ball Numeration
By – Jen Konrad
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – K-1

This is a lesson that I used with my special needs students. It works best in small groups, lots of modeling and explicit directions!

Materials: Squishy Ball, construction paper, 10-foot long floormat number line, dry erase board and markers

This lesson plan has three parts. 1. Number Identification, 2. Counting and 3. Number Writing.

1. Write numbers 1-10 on 10 sheets of construction paper; one number on each piece. Lay them out on the rug. Have students take the squishy ball and toss it onto the rug. The piece of paper it lands closest to is their number. They pick up the paper and leave the Squishy Ball in its place. Then, they state the number that they picked up.

2. The student walks over to the long floor number line and places their numbered paper on the floor next to its match on the number line. Then standing at 0 they jump forward counting as they go up to their number.

3. Then, they are handed the dry erase marker and asked to write their number on a line on the dry-erase board as neatly as they can as many times as they can for about 10 seconds. Then, they can circle their best-written numbers.

4. When two students finished I used the numbers that they had picked and we identified which number was larger and which number was smaller.

5. The next student follows the same routine.

The kids loved this lesson. Later in the week, I changed the numbers from 11-20 on the rug. I also incorporated our tally lesson by having the students write the number and the corresponding tally marks on the dry-erase board.

You could even integrate language arts by having the students work with you to create sequential instructions of the game for another class.

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