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This real world bar graph lesson uses an easy bar graph generating website


Math, Social Studies  



Title – Real World Graphs
By – April Phillips
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 2

Concept / Topic To Teach:

    Interpreting Bar Graphs

Standards Addressed:

      SC Standards:

        2-1.1 Apply substantive mathematical problem-solving strategies.


        2-1.2 Generate conjectures and exchange mathematical ideas.


        2-1.3 Explain and justify answers to simple problems.


        2-1.5 Generalize mathematical concepts.


        2-1.6 Use a variety of forms of mathematical communication.


        2-1.7 Generalize connections among mathematics, the environment, and other subjects.


        2-1.8 Use multiple informal representations to convey mathematical ideas.


        2-6.1 Create survey questions to collect data.


        2-6.2 Organize data in charts, pictographs, and tables.


        2-6.3 Infer trends in a data set as increasing, decreasing, or random.


      2-6.4 Predict on the basis of data whether events are more likely or less likely to occur.

General Goal(s):

    Use bar graphs and tables in real-life settings.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Use bar graphs and tables to solve problems.
  2. Interpret graphs and tables.
  3. Compare and contrast graphs and tables.
  4. Identify the usefulness of graphs and tables in the real world.
  5. Make predictions about the future based on trends within a graph.

Required Materials:

  • Promethean Board (PB)
  • internet connection
  • teacher-made worksheets

Prior Knowledge:

    The students should have worked with tally and number tables already.

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):

      Display a number table on the PB. Make sure it has a good many categories so that it takes children a while to take in all the information.
  Number of Animals at the Zoo
  2000 2002 2004
Elephant 4 5 7
Seals 20 18 20
Monkeys 32 40 45
Penguins 14 18 20
Lions 7 10 11
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