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A daily spreadsheet is involved in this “Stock Market Game”


Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies  


6, 7, 8  


Title – The Stock Market
By – Nicole
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies, Language Arts, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 6 – 8


Each group will be given $1,000 to spend how they wish on the stock market. Each group will compete against all other groups in all of the 6th grade classes. Both the team with the most profit and the team with the greatest percent gain will win a pizza party. There are certain rules to follow.

Each group:

      1. must purchase stocks from four different companies after doing research (must be from NYSE or NASDAQ)


      2. must spend between $950 and $1000 dollars


      3. will have to decide how many shares of each company they will purchase


      4. will be responsible for looking up their stocks on a daily basis (in class)


      5. will have to keep a daily spreadsheet that will include the following

        a. Company name


        b. Company Symbol


        c. Price per share


        d. Number of shares held


        e. Total worth of shares per company


        f. Profit or loss from day of purchase to present day


        g. Percent change from day of purchase to present day


        h. Total portfolio worth (daily)


        i. Total portfolio profit or loss (daily)


      j. Total portfolio percent change (daily

When turning in the project each group will be responsible to

      1. Turn in a(n)

        a. excel spreadsheet (mirroring that of their daily sheet)


        b. PowerPoint presentation


        a. Company Information


        b. Line graph for each company (daily profit or loss)


        c. Line Graph with total portfolios (daily loss or profit)


        d. Conclusion

          i. profit/loss


          ii. experience likes or dislikes


          iii. challenges as an individual


        iv. challenges as a group

      e.   A well written essay that outlines three things you have learned about investing money, tracking progress of each stock and the impact of the stock market on an individual.

    2. Give their PowerPoint presentation to the class in a business like manner

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