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A fun lesson to teach Latitude and Longitude and Plotting called “Box and Deliver”


Math, Social Studies  


5, 6  

Title – Box and Deliver
By – Holly Dunlea
Subject – Math, Social Studies
Grade Level – 5-6

The activity gives students an opportunity to practice longitude and latitude plotting skills, mapping skills, and applying math skills for practical use. This activity will take varied length of times depending on the depth of the lesson.

1. Students should have been taught how to plot latitude and longitude. They should also have been taught about time zones. They should also be comfortable with maps and using maps. (This is a practice, not an introductory lesson.)
2. Hand out a road map or atlas for students to use as a resource. Hand out maps of the US for them to write on. Follow the directions for Box and Deliver.
3. Give students time to map their delivery route which should include route signs. After the mapping is complete, the activity can begin or follow other classroom lessons, using 10-15 minutes for the development of the game. The teacher can keep the game short by introducing only one hazard, or can continue the game by introducing another problem or having the students deliver another product.
4. Assessment can be done threefold: teacher observation of group activity; student self-assessment on effort and cooperation; and assessment of final products of the student’s maps, routes, and solutions to the problems. The teacher can assess understanding of plotting and map skills by reviewing the maps, routes, and timetables in the final product.
BOX AND DELIVER! Mapping Challenge

Choose a location and product from the teacher’s bowl. Next, choose the name of your company. Your group will be known by that name during this exercise.

Your company has products boxed and ready to be delivered across country.
You need to determine the best route to ship your product. (The product must be shipped by truck.) Using maps, plot your route according to real roads.
You will use the map that has been given to you as your final product. You may want to practice plotting your course on another piece of paper. Estimate the time it will take to ship your product based on the distance you are traveling. Make sure this is not a guess, but based on facts about distance, road quality, and weather. Your trip is to take place in October. Watch the weather! Your teacher will be giving you a weather or hazard card during your company meetings.

Your company has three days to do the work.
Gook Luck and Safe Deliveries!

PRODUCT ___________________________

COMPANY LOCATION ___________________________

DESTINATION FOR PRODUCT ____________________________

COMPANY NAME ______________________________________


Chairman ______________________

Members _______________________



Preparing for Shipping through Regions:

Region #1

Starting Point:_______________________

Estimated date/time of arrival:_______________

States and Routes for Each State:

Possible Hazards for Each State:

Cut products and their places into strips. Put into a bowl or hat.

Salem, OR deliver to New Orleans, LA

Los Angeles, CA deliver to Chicago, IL

Boston, MA deliver to Helena, MN

Atlanta, GA deliver to Phoenix, AR

Juneau, AK deliver to Columbus, OH

Austin, TX deliver to Augusta, ME

Annapolis, MD deliver to Pierre, SD


Your truck transmission needs to be replaced; you need help!

A hurricane hits: major flooding on route; choose different route.

You encounter an early snowstorm; snow is three feet deep; truck is stuck!

The truck breaks down in the desert; you need help!

The route you are on is undergoing construction; choose an alternate route.

You get sick and need a day to get well.

You are in an accident; you are all right, but your truck is totaled.

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