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This dual-purpose lesson is on ratios and marketing


Math, Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Ratio, Sweet Ratio
By – Barry Dittman
Subject – Math, Social Studies (Marketing)
Grade Level – High School
The information listed below is an assignment that I have used with my year 9 Math class in Toowoomba Australia. We carried the investigation out using the scientific process. I hope the assignment is useful.


Sherbet is a favorite sweet of many children – the lolly company you work for is about to embark on a campaign to develop and market a new brand of sherbet “Wilo Whiz” which will be in direct competition with the market leader “Whiz Fizz”.

Your have been given the job of product development and marketing. Your tasks are listed below.

What process will you follow to ensure your product is the best it can be?
How will you ensure human error cannot affect product development? (See Helpful Hints.)
Collection of materials – which other students will you collaborate with to bring in the materials?
Information on the competitor – how many grams of Sherbet does Whiz Fizz sell per bag?
· 1/2 teaspoon of Citric Acid
· 1/2 teaspoon of Tartaric Acid (Cream of Tartar)
· 1 teaspoon of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Bi-Carb Soda)
· 2 teaspoon of Castor Sugar
· Jelly Crystals to taste

· Plastic Cup
· Teaspoon
· Scales

1. Calculate the ratio of the four main ingredients: Citric : Tartaric : Bi-Carb : Castor
2. By experimentation, calculate the ratio of all five ingredients that makes your favorite Sherbet. Citric : Tartaric : Bi-Carb : Castor : Jelly Crystals.
(Note: You will need to describe the method used so that the process can be repeated when final production begins)
3. Using the scales – find the mass of each ingredient that you are including in your recipe.
Product Report & Marketing:
1. Design a bag to market your product in, labeling laws require you to list the following information on the packet:
· Name of product / designer / company
· Total number of grams (Net) of the product in the packet
· Each ingredient used
· The number of grams of each ingredient
2. Write a report to the Manager of “Sweet Tooth, Many Fillings Lolly Co”. In your report you must include:
· The final recipe for “Wilo Whiz”
· The ratio of each of the ingredients
· The packet
· The amount of materials needed to produce: One Bag of “Wilo Whiz”
One Box (40 Bags)
One Carton (25 Boxes)
· The method of experimentation and any other notes
3. Compile the product report and submit it to the manager by _____________.

Helpful Hints:

When making the product during the experimentation phase it is best to make enough that several taste tests can be carried out.

Be sure to start with a new mixture if you choose to change the recipe.

When compiling the product report, refer to the Criteria checklist to check you have included all requirements.

The criteria and checklist are on the next page.

Criteria Checklist:

Criteria                                          Points
1 Materials organized for experiment:                    / ½
2 Experimentation process outlined:                    / 1
3 Number of Grams in a packet of Whiz Fizz          / ½
1 Ratio of four main ingredients                     / 1
2 Careful experimentation process followed          / 1
3 Ratio of 5 ingredients in final recipe                    / 1
4 Number of grams per teaspoon (each ingredient) / 1
Product Report & Marketing
1 Bag – design                     / 1
Bag – 4 dot points included                     / 2
Bag – Grams of each ingredient in bag                     / 1
2 Report – Recipe                     / 2
Report – Amount of materials needed (2 marks each set of calculations)                     / 6
Method of experimentation included                    / 2
3 Report submitted on time.                    
Final Result:           / 20

The students had one week to complete the actual marketing report. This will then be tired in with the unit on percentage and money that I do later in the semester.

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