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Stained Glass Tessellations




5, 6  

Title – Stained Glass Tessellations
By – Yaset Fernandez
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 5-6

Ok Teachers, Try this!

Objective: The student will understand tessellations through a hands-on activity in which they will produce a stained glass replica.

Materials: Over-head transparencies film (1 per student), over-head expo markers, black Sharpie markers, shape templates, construction paper, tape.

Using the black Sharpies, have students trace their tessellation design onto a transparency film with the templates.

If studying symmetry, have students design symmetrical patterns.

After their patterns have been traced onto a transparency, have students color in the shapes using the expo markers. Yellow hexagons, green triangles, red trapezoids, etc.

After they have colored their designs on the transparency film, have them make a circular frame out of the construction paper. (discuss radius and diameter here!)

Finally, have students tape their transparency onto the construction paper frame and hang them on the window.

After having them hung, discuss the different patterns with your students.

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