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Here is a lesson on statistics




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Justin Towe
Lesson Plan
Topic: Statistics
Grade Level: 5th – 6th
Time: 45 min. – One class period
Objective: The students will explore the term mean by averaging the letters in their name, their height (using Lots O Links), their age (in months), and their heart beats per minute
Materials: Average Chart
Lots O Links
Anticipatory Set: The teacher will ask someone in the class to demonstrate how long they think one Lots O Links would be. The teacher will then ask the class to estimate how many Lots O Links they think it would take to equal their height. Next, they will be asked to estimate how many times they think their heart beats in a minute.


The students will be divided up into groups of four, and each group will be given an average chart. Each student will count all the numbers in their entire name (first, middle, and last) and record the number in one of the four boxes on the chart. Next, each child will record the number of Lots O Links it takes to equal their height and place this number on the chart. Then each child will figure up how old they are in months and write this number in the assigned box. Finally, each student will count the number of heart beats they have for an entire minute and place that number in the appropriate box under heart beats. *Note: Some children may not know where to take their pulse at so the teacher may have to demonstrate it for them. The students will now add up every column and write the answers in the total box under the appropriate column. Next, the students will average each column by dividing each total by the number four because there were four entries under each heading. They will also write these answers in the appropriate box under each column.
Once the students have finished averaging themselves, they will find four new partners, but this time even though they will be using the same average chart, they will perform the activity on one of their peers in their group.
After each average chart has been completed, the students will decide whose height is the closest to the average height. They will also find out whose heart beats are closest to the average heart beats. The students will also discuss other situations that they think would be important to average (ex. Sports statistics).
The students could use other manipulatives to find the average of their height (ex. Multi – Lengths). Another statistical lesson all together would be for the students to cut out the box scores of various sporting events and find the averages of some of the different categories. *Note: The teacher may however have to go over some of the different scoring categories with some of the students prior to the lesson.
Mrs. Walker, 5th Grade, Lee Elementary Justin Towe

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