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Here’s a magically delicious graphing activity with Lucky Charms




3, 4, 5  



Title – Graphing With Lucky Charms (St. Patrick’s Day)
By – Cheryl Richard
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3-5

Directions for Lucky Charms graphing activity:

      1. Distribute individual bags of Lucky Charms cereal to each student.


      2. Distribute the one tally sheet and one graph sheet to each student. (See below)


      3. Have students individually count and sort the marshmallows in his/her bag and then complete the tally sheet.


      4. Using the tally sheet, the students will complete the graph on the next sheet and answer questions 1-3 on their own.


      5. Questions 4-7 are answered as a whole class.


      6. On a pre-made large graph, go around the room and ask each student for their totals of each individual marshmallow and color in the graph (do this one marshmallow at a time around the room).


      7. After the large graph is completed, do questions 4-7.


      8. Teacher may guide the students in answering these questions.


      9. Discuss the predictions. Find out who made accurate predictions.


    10. Once the activity is complete, the students may eat the cereal!

Skills: counting, sorting, graphing, interpreting a graph, computation, predicting

Adaptations: can be adapted to Valentine’s Day using conversation hearts, or any other holiday.

Materials: small bags of Lucky Charms cereal for each student, tally sheet and graph sheet with questions for each student, pre-made large graph for whole class results, crayons, pencils

Tally sheet:


Lucky Charms Tally Sheet

Directions: Count the different Lucky Charms in your bag. Record the total number of each charm beside the appropriate number below using tally marks, and then record the total for each.

1. Red balloon = _________________ Total= ____
2. Purple horseshoe =______________ Total= ____
3. Green clover hat = ______________ Total= ____
4. Pink heart = ___________________ Total= ____
5. Blue moon = ___________________ Total= ____
6. Pot of gold = ___________________ Total= ____
7. Shooting star = _________________ Total= ____
8. Rainbow = ______________________ Total=____

Make a Prediction!

Using the information above, make a prediction of which Lucky Charm you think will be the most for the entire class and then put a circle around it. On the lines below tell why you think this Lucky Charm will be the most.



Lucky Charms Graph

Directions: Graph each lucky charm by coloring one box for every charm you have. Use the colors as indicated in the graph. When you are finished, answer the questions below.

  Red balloon Purple horseshoe Green clover hat Pink heart Blue moon Pot of gold Shooting star Rainbow

Questions to Answer On Your Own:

      1. Of which Lucky Charm did you have the most?_______________ How many?_____


      2. Of which Lucky Charm did you have the least?_______________ How many?______


    3. How many total Lucky Charms did you have in your bag? ____________

Questions to Answer As A Whole Group

      4. Of which Lucky Charm did the entire class have the most? __________ How many? _________


      5. Of which Lucky Charm did the whole class have the least? ___________ How many? _________


      6. What was the total number of Lucky Charms for the entire class? _________


    7. Was your prediction of which charm would be the greatest amount for the entire class correct? __________ If not, how close was your prediction? _________________


If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Hope you find this activity helpful.


E-Mail Cheryl Richard !

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