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Here’s an idea for having students maintain their own Strategy Books




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Title – Layered book for math concepts
By – Debbie Haren
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3-4

Make a layered book using two pieces of paper. Then staple it and cut it in half. Give one book to every student in your class. During many lessons this book reference can be used for the kids to take home. I used it for teaching math strategies. The strategies I taught were Making ten, Doubles, near doubles, counting on, counting up, counting down. This book is a great way for students to review these concepts. Have them put each strategy on the bottom part of each flap. Then inside have them write a sentence about that strategy. The last item for them to do is to give themselves an example of that strategy. Have them use it when doing their homework and remember to reinforce the idea that using these strategies will help them work faster on their proficiency test.

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