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A Math Game to help teach subtraction





Melissa Schroeder

Star Base Subtraction Game

Grade: 1

Time: 1 class period

Topic: subtraction using 1,2, or 3


wooden cube with 1,1,2,2,3,3 written on the faces, game board with numbers less than 12 on it, starship cards, counters


Give a group of three or four students a game board and a dice. Each player puts a counter on home base. The students take turns rolling the die. The number on the die tells how many spaces to move. After moving the player subtracts the number on the die from the number on the on the space. If done correctly the student gets a starship card. The game continues until everyone has reached the star base which is the end.

The winner is the player who has the most starships.


Use larger numbers on the game board or use a traditional die.


Irons, Calvin J. Trafton, Paul R. 1992. Moving Into Math. San Francisco, CA: Mimosa Publications

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