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A Math lesson on telling time





Sheila Brune

Topic : Telling time using hand made clocks

Grade Level : Fourth

Materials : paper plates, paper fasteners, arrows made from black oaktag or cardboard strips

Review/Practice activity

Introduction :

  1. Using the materials listed above, have each student construct their own clock. Students may need help with the oaktag or heavy construction paper used to make the hands of the clock.
  2. Discuss the best way to place the numbers on the clock so they will be arranged equal distance from each other. (Start with the 12, 6, 3, 9, then fill in the other numbers).
  3. Have the students complete their clocks by filling in the marks for the minutes. There should be four marks between each number.


Activity : Time can often be boring to learn, but tell students if they can tell time, they will know how much longer they will have to recess, lunch, and till the end of school.

  1. Ask students to display the current time on their clocks. Show the time for lunch, recess, and the end of school on your clock.
  2. Ask the students how many minutes there are until lunch? How many minutes there are until recess? How many hours and minutes until the end of school?
  3. After the students share their answers and agree on one correct answer, they can test each other using their own clocks. For example, one child displays a time, and the other child makes up his own problem for the student to solve. They discuss their answers and agree on one.
  4. The teacher may have to model several word problem examples for the students to get the hang of it.



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