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This is a telling time to the hour and half-hour lesson




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Title – Telling Time to the Hour and to the Half-Hour
By – Kimberly Kochetta
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1-2

New York State Standards: #5b, 5c

Instructional Objective:

    Students will correctly tell the time to the hour and half hour on both a digital and analog clock with 80% accuracy.


    Make paper plate clocks using paper plates, markers, cardboard for the hands of the clock, and brads (brass fasteners).

Delivery of Instruction:

    First, show the students the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand. Then have the children skip count by fives as you demonstrate that this is how you count with the minute hand. Show the students that when the minute hand is at 12, it is ___ o’clock. They fill in the blanks based on what the hour hand is pointing to. Then show the students that when the minute hand is at 6, it is _____ thirty. Ask the students why is it ____ thirty and not ____ six? (Because you count by fives to reach 30.) Show the students that they fill in the blank by looking to the hour hand and seeing what number it just passed. Allow students some practice time with their clocks as you call out various times.


      Math Centers (students rotate after 10 minutes)
      Group 1: Computer Area – Students will access

      to practice telling both digital and analog time.
      Group 2: Play Telling Time Bingo
      Group 3: Students work independently on a telling time sheet found at
Extended Practice

      Students will complete a telling time sheet as homework found at

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