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This is an interesting idea for buying groceries for a Thanksgiving dinner





Title – Math lesson for Thanksgiving
By – Joanna Claire Rebone
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3rd
Focus: The students will brainstorm about their favorite foods to eat during the Thanksgiving meal. A list will be made on the board. After they have made a list, the class will read one of numerous books on the first Thanksgiving.

Materials: Grocery Circulars (from many different stores)
Paper and pencils
play money

Instruction: The students will be given $200 in play money. They must buy enough groceries to feed 12 people for a Thanksgiving feast. The children look through the circulars to find out how much the food will cost. Upon completing their list, they will add the prices up and round the amount to the nearest dollar. Then they will cash in the play money to see how much money they have left, if any.

Closure: The students will decide which foods appeared most often on everyone’s list. On the board a graph will be constructed to show which foods were most popular.

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