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Transformations Unit – Reflections




9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Transformations Unit – Reflections
By – Cornelia Taran


Transformation Unit:

Lesson Plan 2: Reflections


    The students will identify and locate reflections


    G3.1: Distance-preserving transformations – isometries

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Transformation Tool
  • Navigation through Geometry, NCTM
  • Translucent paper
  • Pictures with reflections

Development of Lesson:




          The students will identify and locate reflections


        Anticipatory Set:

          Show pictures of geometric patterns and asked the students to describe the patterns that they see.



        • Explain that geometric patterns can be created using slides, flips, turns, and dilations, which are types of transformations.
        • A reflection can be seen in water or in a mirror. An object and its reflection have the same shape and size, but the opposite orientation.
        • Define: image, preimage and isometry.
        • Use translucent paper to create reflections.



      1. Ask the students to draw a shape and a line on tracing paper. Draw a point on the line to use as a reference point.
      2. Place a second paper on top of the original, and trace the figure, the line and the point.
      3. Flip Sheet 2 over, and put it under the original. Align the lines of reflection and the reference points.
      4. Trace the image from Sheet 2 onto the original sheet. Label the original figure and the reflected figure.


        Allow working with a partner


      Assessment Evaluation:

        Formative – monitor and provide feedback.



      Draw a shape, a mirror line, and the image of the shape reflected across the mirror line.

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