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Here students truck their products to the Multiplication Garage





Title – Multiplication Fun with Trucks
By – Jenifer Delano
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3

TEKS: 3:15 D. underlying processes and mathematical tool

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The children will construct a garage with multiplication problems on the side and cut out cars and trucks or other transportation vehicles with the answers on the side. They will then demonstrate understanding of multiplication and division problems as they match the garages and cars together in small groups.

EXTRA ADVICE: This is a fun game that they will enjoy while learning math problems.

MATERIALS: construction paper for making cars, milk cartons or tissue boxes for garages, and markers and glue for pasting and coloring

PREPARATION: example to show

TRANSITION: separate into groups of two or three

Step one: “We are going to build things with construction paper and boxes!”

Step two: Separate into groups

Step three: Hand out materials and give directions

Step three: Clean up materials

Step four: Explain how to play game

Step five: Walk around as children play and observe how well they are doing

Step six: Come together as a class and talk on how it helped them learn and how FUN it was!

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