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Here’s a Valentine’s Day idea on latitude, longitude, and coordinates called “Valentine Battleship”


Math, Social Studies  


3, 4  

Title – Valentine Battleship
By – Mona Grayson
Subject – Math, Valentine’s Day
Grade Level – 3-4
E-Mail –
Math, Social Studies, Holiday (Valentine’s Day)

This activity can be used to teach latitude and longitude or just plotting coordinates. Use a 10×10 grid, labeling the lines up from the bottom starting with A, B, etc. On the horizontal axis, number from left to right starting with 1, 2, etc. on the lines. Kids pair up, each with a grid of their own and five conversation hearts. With a folder or barrier in between, they place their heart candies on the intersections of the lines. Each player takes turn calling out a coordinate to see if they’ve “hit” one of the conversation hearts on the other person’s chart. If they have, they take that heart. The object is to get all of your opponent’s hearts. Assure the kids that they will get other candies to eat after the game that have not been handled by so many hands.

Have fun!

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