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Here’s a fun way for getting students involved in Math Problems on Valentine’s Day called Mend My Broken Heart




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Title – Mend My Broken Heart

By – Misty Lorenz

Subject – Math, Valentine’s Day

Grade Level – Primary grades

SET-UP: A few days prior to Valentine’s Day, I cut out red &/or pink paper hearts. On each heart, I write a math problem on half of it, and the answer on the other half. I then cut each heart in half (with zig-zag edges), mix them up, pass them out, & let my students “mend their broken hearts.” (This activity is also perfect for matching coins & their values, contractions with the words they correlate to, etc.)

INTRODUCTION: If reviewing addition/subtraction facts, I introduce this activity by asking the students if they know what it means to have a “broken heart.” After a discussion & a review of addition/subtraction, I pass out the heart pieces and tell them to “mend their broken hearts” by finding their partners.

OBJECTIVES: The students will review addition/subtraction facts, or whatever skill we are working on at the time.

PRIOR BACKGROUND: I remind them how to add or subtract by oral explanation and demonstration.

“THE GAME”: After students are “matched up,” we check “each other.” Then we play again, with each person starting with a different “puzzle piece.” This activity is a real winner in my classroom!




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