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“Conversation Heart Fractions” is a fun idea to add and eat!





Title – Conversation Heart Fractions
By – Pam Moore
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3rd

Give each child a bag of 20 conversational hearts.

Have the children sort the candies into like color piles. Then have each child record the correct fraction that matches each pile. For example: If a child has 5 pinks, she would record 5/20. Then continue recording the fractions until all the colors are recorded. The children may then compare their findings with a neighbor to compare the fractions. Then show them how to add the fractions all together. Talk about common denominators. Then show how to combine 2 colors. For example: add the pinks and the yellows and write the new fraction. After the children have had practice adding the fractions they may enjoy their tasty treat.

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