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This graphing lesson is for use around Valentine’s Day – graphing the colors of candy hearts




2, 3, 4  

Title – Valentine Hearts Graph
By – Amanda Thompson
Subject – Valentine’s Day, Math
Grade Level – 2nd-4th

Students will create a class graph to show how many different color hearts are found.

Materials Needed:

Large Sheet of chart paper
Valentine Candy Hearts (one small box or bag for each student)


On the chart paper, draw a large graph. Label the columns for each color of candy heart in the boxes you have.


1. Explain/review the concept of graphs with the class. Explain that everyone in the class is going to get a box of candy hearts, and we will graph how many there are of each color.

2. Give each child a box of candy hearts. Have the students make a prediction about which color there will be the most of and least of in the whole class. They can look at the box to make their guess.

3. Have each student open their box and group the hearts into colors (Remind them not to eat yet, or the count will not be accurate!!!)

4. Students count their candies and color the appropriate squares on the graph using the correct color crayon.

5. Talk about predictions and see which ones were correct.

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