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A Math lesson that takes advantage of the War Card Game




2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Math War
By – Jenny Shattuck
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 2-5
Materials: -Deck of cards for each pair of students
-Scrap paper for keeping score if desired

Objective: Review of basic facts (+,-,x)

1. Assign values to face cards J=11, Q=12, K=13 or remove them if desired.

2. Each pair of students deals cards as if playing war (whole deck evenly). Students do not look at cards.

3. Each player flips up two cards and adds (subtracts or multiplies) the two numbers. They announce to their partners the answer.

4. The player with the highest sum (etc.) wins the trick. If the students disagree on an answer, the teacher can be the referee. Play for a set time and the player with the most cards wins, or play until one player possesses all the cards.

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