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A Math lesson on Weight and the Estimation of it




3, 4  

Kari Lyberger

Topic: weight (measurement), estimation

Grade level: 3-4

Name of activity: Weighing the possibilities

Materials Needed: wire hanger, 2 plastic bags, centimeter cubes, tape, balance scale,

paper, pencil.

Description of activity:

First, set up a balance scale with hanger and plastic bags as shown. Students should be in groups of 3 – 4. Each student chooses an object in the room for which other players will estimate the mass. The object should be light such as a pencil, pen, or coin. The other players will write down the number of centimeter cubes they think equals the mass of the object chosen. They may pick up the object and examine it to help estimate. The person whose object it is measures the mass using centimeter cubes and the balance scale. The player with the closest estimate picks the next object.

Resource: Mathematics in Action . 1994. NY: MacMillan/McGraw Hill

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