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Title – What Time Is It?
By – Davina Rasa
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1-2

Standards: Math, Science, and Technology 1, 2, 3
Objective: Students will be able to determine the appropriate time through using their individual clocks and through completion of a ditto.
Materials: Teacher model clock
a clock for each student Television Schedule
“The Grouchy Lady Bug” by Eric Carle
Lines Paper with a School day schedule
Procedure Instruction:
Anticipatory Set/ Informal Pre-test: Inform the class that I am going to ask them a question that I would like them all to respond to by raising their hands when I ask the first student who raises their hand to tell me what time it is. This will help me have a better idea as to how many students have been introduced into the procedure of telling time, and who feel confident in performing the procedure.
Introduction/Review: 1. Regardless of whether or not the chosen student tells the correct time, I will explain that in order to tell the time correctly one must understand the parts of a clock. Review of the clock parts: Big hand, little hand, and how each number on the clock represents a multiple of five. While explaining, teacher will review what she is discussing on the model clock.
2. Student clocks will be handed out to the students. The teacher will then explain that she will be reading the story “The Grouchy Ladybug” and as a time is mentioned the students should indicate the appropriate time on their clocks. The students will be instructed to put their clocks in their air once they are completed to indicate who is done. As the students are done doing this, the teacher will put the appropriate time on the model clock so the students can check to see if their clock was correct.
3. Once the book is completed, the teacher will show the class Monday’s school schedule. On the schedule will display the time they start school (8:15 A.M), lunchtime (11:15 A.M.), dismissal for bus students (2:35 P.M.), and for those who don’t take the bus (2:40P.M.). The teacher will then demonstrate what the clock will appear like at these times.
4. Students will then be given: (a) television schedule (listing times and names of popular children oriented shows), and (b) ditto displaying both digital and standard clocks not filled in with time.
5. The students will be told that they can work in pairs. When working in pairs, they will be looking at a schedule of television shows and writing down their favorite television shows and the time they are on television. They may use their “hands-on” clocks if needed. The schedule’s appearance will be identical to the school day schedule that the teacher used for modeling the telling of time procedure.
6. Once lesson has ended students will be instructed to finish the remainder of the ditto for homework.

Evaluation (Formal): Students will be evaluated on the ditto that they complete.
Assessment of ditto will be as follows:
4 clocks correctly filled in will receive a smiley face.
3 clocks correctly filled in will receive a check
2 clocks incorrectly filled in will be circled and asked to “Do over”

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