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This is a word problem game idea





Title – Word Problem Game
By – Chelsea Larson
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3rd

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills Math Standards:

      (4.4) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning.

        The student multiplies and divides to solve meaningful problems involving whole numbers.

      The student is expected to:

        (B) Represent multiplication and division situations in picture, word, and number form.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students should work nicely in groups.
  2. Students should try to answer all questions.
  3. Students will be good sports to their teammates and other teams.


  1. Word problems made up on the kids’ level.
  2. Overhead
  3. Bell
  4. White board
  5. Markers for each group


    Make up the word problems that you are going to use for the game and print them all out.


    Move the kids to the floor and have them sit with their group.


    Get white boards and review math skills.


  1. Choose groups and a ‘runner.’
  2. Figure out which person to come hit the bell when the group has figured out the answer.
  3. Explain that only the runner can get up and no one else.
  4. Get the white boards and go over the rules of the game.
  5. Have the kids come down to the floor with all of their materials and group.
  6. Start game when everything is ready.
  7. Ask each question, have the runner come up, and then let the kids go up to the board and explain it.
  8. Tally up each time a group gets a point.
  9. Winners get a prize.
  10. Have the kids put back all of their materials and go back to their desks.


    Ask if they had too much trouble with any of the questions, what they needed to work on, and if they would like to play the game again.
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