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Here subtraction is performed with zoo animals





Title – Zoo Animal Subtraction
By – Brianna Ortiz
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1

Learning Objectives:

    Students will be able to visualize subtraction. Students will become more familiar with the subtraction facts family. Students will be able to improve subtraction skills.

Materials Needed:

    One bag of animal crackers and cage patterns

Pre-Activity Preparation:

    Make copies of cage patterns. Purchase animal crackers for students.


    Students should be sitting in their cleared desks, ready for instructions.


    Use bag of animal crackers to pump-up the class, because they will love food.


    Have kids sit in assigned seats. Pass out a copy of the animal cages to each student. Give each child 10 animal crackers. Have each child put ___ number of animal crackers in the cage. Have children take away a number that is less than the first number you chose. Use different numbers to give the students subtraction practice and have them count aloud how many crackers are remaining after each subtraction problem. After about 7-10 subtraction problems, allow students to eat their animal crackers and have them clean up their area.


    Review a few problems you used in your math subtraction lesson. See if they can do math mentally and physically.

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