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This idea for teaching Measurement involves students reading a recipe for “Zoo Food”





Title – Zoo Food
By – Amy
Subject – Math
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Children read a chart of directions on how to prepare their zoo food. They will follow each step and measure the appropriate amount for each ingredient. Read the book Curious George Visits the Zoo. Talk about what kind of animals he saw. How were the animals the same. How were they different. Ask the children if they were to go to the zoo what animal would they want to see. Tell them you are going to make a snack to take to that animal. Each child gets 1 regular ice cream cone, 1 spoon full of raisins, 1/4 cup of dried banana chips, 1/4 cup of goldfish crackers, 1 spoon full of sunflower seeds, and 1 spoonful of peanuts. After making your zoo food, give each child a piece of paper with a writing line on it and a large space for illustration. Have the children write a sentence about their favorite animal and draw it at the zoo. While doing this, they can enjoy their zoo food. (Have each child measure out their own ingredients. Share your pictures and sentences with others.

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